Forget Me Not ( Goj...
By shin_tin
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"You were right. Love really was the most twisted curse of them all." She said, and no more words came out of her mouth. Imagine that from the moment you opened your eyes into this world, you had no choice but to kill and shed the blood of others, that you had to fight alongside Toji Fushiguru and die with him. What would you do when they force you to do something you don't like? When the torment of conscience presses on your throat, will you give up? Now think about a day that life gives you another chance; how would you use it? If one-day love finds its way into your life, even though you know that love is nothing more than poison to you, will you let it in your heart? This is the story of a murderer who seeks salvation. Will she find it in the arms of Satoru Gojo? Or will pain find her sooner than redemption and drive her out of heaven forever? (A love story between Satoru Gojo and a female reader.) I have no claim on the characters of Jujutsu Kaisen. I never could create someone like Gojo Satoru. Oh, before I forget, the picture of the cover does not belong to me either.

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Forget Me...
by shin_tin