Darq Rising- Skuldu...
By MaryBethP
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FINAL INSTALMENT OF NIGHTSHADE ARMAGEDDON TRILOGY "You have one task and one only," China said, her pale eyes glancing between the four of them. "Find Darquesse and save Valkyrie." "What if we fail?" Bliv asked, slowly, trepidation creeping into her voice. China's answer was as cold as her gaze. "Then your death will be punishment enough." In the aftermath of the war, with the world on the brink of destruction, Skulduggery Pleasant has only one choice- To destroy Darquesse, and Valkyrie with her. In a final desperate attempt, he turns to the last three individuals on his side: But Oblivion Armageddon- the most powerful Elemental alive, Trinity Shadow- dark and dangerous, and Valiance Nightshade- as deadly as her name suggests, are soon faced with problems of their own as ghosts of the past come back to haunt them, and they are launched into a deadly endeavour of their own. Together, they will endure the final battle, or they will all die in the act. (Based after the events of Last Stand of Dead Men and around the events of The Dying of the Light, but may contain references to other books)

School's Out For The Apocalypse

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Darq Risi...
by MaryBethP