My Bully Likes Me (...
By RekiaWilliams
  • Romance
  • bullies
  • bwwm
  • death
  • family
  • forgiveness
  • friendship
  • interracial
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Isn't it weird to find out that the boy who has been picking on you since y'all were in elementary school has a crush on you? But why would he like you? He's been bullying you this whole time, and then he just starts having feelings for you. Would you even fall for him? Taylor Young is your average teenager who has been through a lot of difficult situations in her life including being bullied at a young age and the death of her sister. Now, after years has passed, she is a senior in high school ready for graduation. But, along with high school, drama follows. Christian Turner was a wannabe bad boy which backfired in his face. With his bullying days towards Taylor, becoming best friends with her when they got older, and being with her during her sister's death, he finally wants to be a better person. Now that he is back, he brings the drama and his new interest in Taylor along with it.

The Beginning

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My Bully...
by RekiaWilliams