Your Mistake, Alpha...
By Blue_Flame24
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Cameron Storm has had enough with all the rules and regulations of being a werewolf. She was not apart of a pack and she was not a rogue she was living life. Although Cameron transfers to a new school to get a little more 'action'. She was tired of immature boys having an orgasm before they even had sex. Andrew Silvermoon is the future alpha of the Silvermoon pack. He does what he wants when he wants, when Cameron transfers to his school and realizes that she is his mate he can't do anything but become frustrated at the fact that she will not listen to anything he has to say. She is exactly like him and he loves it. The only thing is he realizes his mistake after commenting on her not being a 'proper' werewolf.

Chapter 1- A lil bit about myself

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Your Mist...
by Blue_Flame24