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Once upon a time, there lived a little girl, a simple girl with a mind too complex to be comprehended by anyone except herself. She knew there was something different about her, she had always known and always felt different, and she rather enjoyed that. So she worked on her difference, thrived on it, nurtured and cared for it, till it grew and blossomed into the most beautiful thing she had ever witnessed - magic. Victoria Wraith was much more than what would be known as a normal human. She had more than just blood pumping through her veins and more than just thoughts flowing through her mind, and she couldn't stand living with her ordinary parents anymore. So one day, with a wish in her heart and a wave of her hand, she disappeared. Victoria disappeared from the sights, minds, and memories of everyone. She disappeared from the face of the earth - Only to reappear on the other side of it. The wizarding side of it. . . . Victoria didn't care much about.. well.. anything. The only thing that ever caught her attention was the wonders of magic. With an almost non-existent moral compass and an overly practical outlook on life, Victoria sets out to learn more about the fairest and most ethereal aspects of wizardry as well as its most sordid, nightmarish, and monstrous ones. Meeting new people and making new friends, Victoria Wraith, in the process of her own self-actualization, helps those return that have strayed from their true path - whether it be the path of healing or killing.


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by WwGrey