tipsy (ymir x reade...
By atolla
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Faced with the prospect of marrying Reiner Braun, Y/N thinks she would rather die. It's not that she doesn't like him- he's fine. She gets along well enough with his family and adores his younger sister Gabi- she should be jumping for joy. One big problem though- she's lesbian and he's, well- a man. Her father gives her a way out- prove herself capable (whatever that means) or go through with the marriage. Naturally there's only one thing she can do- become business partners with her father's rival. The highly successful, very ambitious, and less than law abiding merchant who goes by 'The Captain.' But to her crew and anyone who's gutsy enough to indulge in a drink or two she's known by another name, Ymir. tldr. y/n gaslight, gatekeep, girlbossing her way out of an arranged marriage <3

1. merlot

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tipsy (ym...
by atolla