After The Rain
By NB_Collections
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The life of Khushi Kumari Gupta was already in shambles, but the day she found out that her fiancée was, in actuality, the son-in-law of the family her sister was marrying into, was the day she felt truly devastated. She had never loved Shyam but she was still the girl with whom he betrayed the loving, yet blissfully ignorant Anjali-ji and now, she has to bear the weight of his treachery. Khushi has to choose whether to preserve the utopia of a woman who dedicated her being to her partner, or to reveal the truth and risk the destruction of everything precious. As much as her brain urges her to run away from the gnawing reality, she chooses the latter. She decides to stand by what is right and could only hope that after the relentless rain of sorrow, those whom she loves would be able to find their way back to happiness.

Chapter One - The Grey Sky

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After The...
by NB_Collections