Sensuous Gamble (Th...
By AyamiLu
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Cynical Zara Gonzales and notorious playboy Blue Steele gamble their hearts in a game with a single rule: no falling in love. But when the past comes resurfacing back to Blue and Zara finds herself running for her freedom, maybe rules are meant to be broken. *** Running from her father's debt, Zara Gonzales masks her appearance and keeps a low profile working as a game developer for notorious playboy and bachelor Blue Steele. Intrigued by her obvious dislike for him, Blue is adamant to charm her, and eventually, she can't deny the flames of passion burning between them. With a single rule of they can't fall in love with each other, can Zara gamble her heart and risk losing to a man who believes that love doesn't exist? DISCLAIMER: This story is written in Taglish. COVER DESIGN: Louise De Ramos

Sensuous Gamble

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by AyamiLu