Forbidden (BWWM)
By Tellymemore
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Alejandro is a ruthless Mafia leader who is used to getting everything he wants and more. Chy is a strong black woman who doesn't take crap from anyone and anything. What happens when the two meet? *** "Oh wait I think I do remember you, we met at Toris party right? You were the one who had a big ass ego." She snaps her fingers as if the memory is coming back to her. "Yea, that's right. Now I remember, how many I help you?" She smiles. I step forward gripping her throat tightly. "It seems you need a reminded of just how big my ego is Bella." I lean in and roughly bite her bottom lip with my teeth pulling on it. I expect her to back up but she doesn't, she stands her ground. She steps closer to me pressing her throat into my grip. She is always full of surprises, she is so enticing. #8 in black woman 10/15/21 #4 in Bwwm 10/21/21 #2 in black girl 10/23/21 #2 in killing 01/07/2022


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