The Becoming (Daugh...
By TeaNHeartache
  • Vampire
  • angel
  • demon
  • fighting
  • highschool
  • hunter
  • soulmate
  • vampire


Lucy doesn't have any memories from when she was a child. All she remembers is the boy who saved her life, after she had been attack by a vampire. Years later she knows that the world of nightmares is real. She goes to school with them on a daily basis as her uncle attempts to integrate 'peaceful' vampires into normal society. Lucy's "sister" is from a family of demon hunter. Her "Brother" is far from human and she's one step away from being label a nutcase. Talk about a dysfunctional family. Everything changes when a mysterious stranger comes into her life. He mesmerizes her, the only problem is he's one of 'undead'. The closer she get to him the more she starts to feel that he might hold the key to her lost memories but the world Lucy lives in is about to take a turn for the dark and twisted. Nothing is quite as it seems and she is far more unique then she could have ever imagined.

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The Becom...
by TeaNHeartache