Letters To You (A T...
By Shippinglife
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Troye walks into class one day, completely normal day, when suddenly he's handed an envelope by the teacher. Every student had received a pen pal from America that they would have to write letters to, just to create new bonds and learn about people outside of Australia. Problem is, Troye hates his pen pal and the assignment. Tyler, In America, thought the school project was stupid. Why would he want to write about his life to a stranger? He sent a paragraph, the minimum requirement, to his pen pal and was shocked when he received a letter back, more than a page long and was instantly entranced into the life of Troye Sivan Mellet. Follow their love story as they bond closer throughout their letters and throughout their lives *****(NOTHING VERY TRIGGERING BUT THERE ARE WEIGHT INSECURITIES AND SOME STRONG HOMOPHOBIA)*****

Author's Note

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Letters T...
by Shippinglife