Black Mist: Seedling
By WalkStar
  • Fantasy
  • abuse
  • blackmist
  • love
  • maddieturner
  • magic
  • theotherone
  • violence


ROSE has been called a freak many times in her life... But this time it's not because of the magic that drips from her fingers in a swirl of glittery mist, doctors assuring her she's insane. This time, it's because Rose hasn't spoken a word since she got to school. ALASTAIR has felt rage boiling inside him many times in his life... But this time, he gives in, black mist billowing from his fingers as he beats his father's face in. This time, Alastair vows he will never let the drunk hurt his mom again. Rose learns she can heal empathically-take someone's injury, suffer as they suffer, then be restored, like new. There are some things even practitioners of magic can't do. Healing someone like that is dangerously rare. Now, Alastair has to protect his mom and Rose, while fighting to win back his lost love. When Rose and Alastair's lives collide, his world of pretended perfection is knocked out of balance. But her world of chaos and crazy finally makes sense....

1. Asylum

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Black Mis...
by WalkStar