Back Where I Belong
By wifeofkuroken
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Marinette used to be a nice bubbly girl who was friends with everyone, now she's as cold hearted as ice. All because a liar named Lila Rossi came Lie-la threatened to take all of her friends. Marinette not believing her didn't take her serious until she made good on her promise. On top of that she still has Hawkmoth to worry about, now realizing she needed more help. Marinette wins a two month trip to Gotham with her class. Her adoptive parents disowned her after the liar told them many lies. She decides she'd go see her parents Harleen Quinzel and Jack Napier, along with asking Batman for help with her Hawkmoth problem. How will Gotham react to the ball of sunshine being back? Will the liars lies be uncovered? Will unexpected things happen? What happens when the bat-fam finds out about Marinette? Will she find love in the city of crime? Read and find out! ______________________________________ I do not own rights to the characters in the story aside from some. All writes go to Zag toon and dc comics


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Back Wher...
by wifeofkuroken