Typical Secrets
By ashleyparkerrr
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Two seniors that only have one thing in common, going to the same school. They hate each other because of their friend groups and past. As the two seventeen-year-old get forced to hang out together, things turn more and more complicated. Alissa wonders if Ryder still remembers or if she's just the one holding on to bad memories with him. She has always had a thing for him, but has he had a thing for her? Ryder was a part of the bad boy groups, the stoners that hung out outside of stores or outside of the school. His friends were annoying and always tended to mess with the girls. He's one of the more quiet kind but continues hanging out with them. Alyssa is a part of the quiet group, that doesn't mean that she doesn't stick up for herself or argues with people least every day. She hangs out with at least two girls every day because she has no one else to stick with. She didn't mind, she didn't necessarily need many friends. People didn't like her because of her ways of saying the truth whenever it needed to be told. But this isn't your typical sassy and bad girl story, not at all. This book contains ; - body shaming. - toxic family. - starving herself. - mature language - anxiety; anxiety and panic attacks.


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Typical S...
by ashleyparkerrr