WBAML! (Boy×Man!)
By Trillion2Oblivion
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-THIS STORY IS ON HOLD- "How well do you know him, hmm? your so called brother, that is. Because he took- Stole very valuable item's from me. Which I intend to retrieve by force if I must." He replies, with a heavy Italian accent. "What do you mean, what did he steal that was so valuable. More importantly what does it have to do with me?" Though his coal-colored left brow twitched, he managed to maintain a stoic gaze, the dark inky-blue irises nearly engulfed the lime green as they told a different emotion that consistent between infuriating anger & some other unspoken emotion I couldn't quite place. Maybe I'm overthinking. Until he too shut that out, I observe hesitantly how they clouded over, skimming my hands. Body. Swallowing my fear, an physically forcing me to collapse my palms together so they wouldn't tremble anymore. Leaning in close to me, smothing scrutiny tainting his slurry speech, before his breath tickling the side of my cheek. "Ask your brother."

My older brother!

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WBAML! (B...
by Trillion2Oblivion