Paris, and Other Eu...
By reduciodepresso
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Rafe x JJ x Reader (OBX) This is exactly how it sounds. Because who says you can't have both? You're an apprentice, working to be a mechanic so you can make a living, a plan that both you and the infamous JJ Maybank share. He annoyed you, but what annoyed you more were his unfortunate good looks you're forced to put up with as you're both given the same mechanic to work under. After a rough childhood, things are finally starting to look up as you find a deal on a place that's too good to be true. Your new roommate, Rafe Cameron, is a mystery to you, but you believe he isn't what everyone else says he is and is determined to get to know him. And maybe JJ isn't so bad either. Of course, the worst thing you could do was fall for one of them... but maybe both wouldn't be so bad? **This does not follow any of the plot from the Netflix TV show** Viewer discretion advised; description of sexual content and other mature themes. Basically... it's pure filth, so have fun :)

New House, New Job

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Paris, an...
by reduciodepresso