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"What do you mean I'm engaged?" I asked incredulously. "There's no freaking way I'm-" "Read it again." The lawyer in front of me says and I squint my eyes at him as I pick the stupid sheet of paper up and read it as he says, but I can't find it. The man sighs before speaking. "Number 9, sub-clause 7-d: I solemnly agree to a sworn promise of celibacy and to-" "Marry the man liable for my educational and living expenses..." I finish off. "Oh you've got to be kidding me, it's in the fine print!" I exclaim and the lawyer smirks at me. "Unfortunately Mr. A, does not wish to disclose any further information. But please enjoy your stay." The lawyer says and I squint my eyes at him. "Mr. A?" I asked and the man grins. "Stands for Mr. Anonymous. Has a nice ring to it, no?" The lawyer says and I fume as he packs up his suitcase. --------- Darcy Bleu was your average high school graduate who was desperate for a way into her dream university. After finding her "dream" scholarship on an online newsletter, Darcy finds herself signing away and travelling to a new country- only to find that she'd been completely fooled. The scholarship covered everything she would need- she just didn't see one little thing coming- getting engaged to a total stranger. A/N: Just to make things more colorful, all of Darcy's outfits and my location inspirations are in every chapter. ;) Enjoy.


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Engaged t...
by _laciela