Seriously! Why am I...
By Chimera_Regarion
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Izuku Midoriya had a strange hobby. To put it simple he didn't had only notebooks on a person's quirk but also plans on how to take the person down. One day Nezu finds out about this and finds interest in his plan. Not long after that the rat God of UA created a special surprise for the students of class 1A and 1B. Did he tell them what he was about to do or what the surprise exercise was all about? Nope not a single bit. This was how Izuku woke up in the middle of nowhere and needs to find out why he was where he was as well as who he was up against. Little did he know that he was the only villain and he was allowed to do anything and everything. With Nezu backing him up there is nothing that could stop the killer rabbit. "You kidding?! Please tell me this is a bad joke!" A/N: This is a mha fanstory and I have no idea where this is gonna go ... hope you enjoy! Please also feel free to correct my bad writing. Rights on the pictures go to the artist. I do not own mha, rights to the owner.

This is all just a game...

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by Chimera_Regarion