Blood of the Ancien...
By ASnazzyGuy
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(Cover art by ActuallyAleister. I appreciate you making these, man) Yggdrasil: Year 11 Patch An update long hyped up for the massive player base of Japans largest DMMORPG, planned to add new enemies, two new sectors to the world map, new stats, new races, and most of all: Great Ones. Six massively powerful beings that had a number of exclusive abilities, including multiple bodies, god-like stats that scaled with the number of Great Ones online at the time, control over two new monster types, and perhaps most exciting to the many guilds that held high power in the game: the ability to create their own realms called 'Dreams' for small hubs, and 'Nightmares' for larger domains, wherein foes dwelled, and guilds kept their treasures. The Lake, The Formless, The Cosmos, The Amygdala, The Nurse, and The Moon It was around this patch that the powerful guild called Ainz Ooal Gown gained a powerful, 42nd ally. A lycanthrope by the name of Y/n, who met their strict specifications. With their new ally and friend, a raid was launched on the player who held domain of the Moon, and working together, seized that power for their own guild, eventually handing that strength to their newest asset, who brought Nazarick, their tomb and home base, to new heights. The Nightmare of Nazarick was created, a massive, dream world parallel of the tomb, accessible only by special creatures and keys scattered around the tomb. Using this new strength, Ainz Ooal Gown became one of, if not the strongest, most influential and feared names across Yggdrasil. Until, a year later, the game came to it's final day. The servers were shutting down, and of forty-two great beings, only two remained. Momonga, the elder lich and great leader of the guild, and you, a lone doll that housed power incomprehensible...

1: The "End" of Nazarick

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Blood of...
by ASnazzyGuy