Caramel Latte &...
By Briary
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How well can you actually know someone? Now, that's a real question right there. In all honesty you cannot know anyone as well as you're supposed to know yourself, not even your own flesh and blood. How about those strangers you know only vicariously through movies, TV shows and the public image they uphold in interviews and such? Those who come from daydreams and fantasy lands when you feel down, and pretend to have them swoop you off your feet. And what about when they do not live to your expectations, or you do not meet theirs? Or when you are putting them in shoes that do not fit? It was never about fulfilling her dream; she had already done that with her career, but Jae wasn't really living until she got caught in the whirlwind that surrounded him. For a girl like her it felt at the same time horrifying and emotionally consuming, but at the same time titillating, like an all-consuming flame was burning inside of her. Truthfully, she didn't know how to pull herself from it, even when she knew she should have. She wasn't sure she could, or if she really wanted to. But first she would have to see if love actually conquers all or does it falter with the presence of phobias. *Work In Progress*


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Caramel L...
by Briary