The Gangleader's St...
By Jessie_paige20
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Jessica (Jessie) Scott doesn't have a normal teenage life or family. She has a guardian, and 9 siblings. Her guardian is a black body builder named TC. He is her and her twins (triplets) Jay and Josh's legal guardian, following their mothers death. Two of her sisters are fellow street fighters in their gang. Oh, did I forget to mention they were in a gang, oh ok, my bad. Her twin Jay is the gangleader of the M.O.B. Gang, and she and her friends street fight. This is her life it hasn't change for a couple of years now, until everything does change. Que moving to Florida and Blake Daniels. Blake is the leader of the A.O.D. Gang and doesn't like change. What happens when the two gangs meet? Pain? Love? New beginnings? Death?

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The Gangl...
by Jessie_paige20