Marked (mxm)
By isabella_kai
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Paranormal Romance (Werewolf) Six months… That’s how long my mate said he’d wait for me to man up. He marked me out of anger and left me on my own to prove a point. So here I am, half-delirious and quite possibly out of my freaking mind. I’ve been in constant pain since the day he marked me. Call me a masochist but I’m not going to give in. I’m not trying to be a martyr. No, I’m too much of a bastard to be considered for sainthood. But I’d do anything for my mate, anything except mating with him. I’ve endured five months of this hellish nightmare so four more weeks would be a piece of cake. Right? If only he’d stay away and stop being a constant temptation! Side Story of REJECT, the full account of Kevan and Lorcan's story. Author's Note: Stand Alone, connected to REJECT but you don't need to read REJECT to understand MARKED. But then again, you might enjoy it more if you do. Cheers! k",)

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Marked (m...
by isabella_kai