Love Is All I Ever...
By background21
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A girl who grows up not knowing anything about mother's love and tries her best to win the Father's love who is the only family she has. But alas, her father is a man who believes and act like His business is one and only the best thing in the world. Every decision she makes is only to impress him. Now it is going to change when a special person enters her life and decides to save her. Please note that he is not perfect. He is actually one among the people who misunderstood her actions. The actions which she did to just be able to experience the Father's love, which she thrives from the time she was just a kid. Is it too much to ask??? Will she goes to deep ends to get that love from her father? OR Will this new person saves her or will she builds a wall making him unable to reach near her?


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Love Is A...
by background21