He Has Changed
By omfg_af
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[MIGHT HAVE SLOW UPDATES] I'm not the fun and sarcastic Sebastian you all remember anymore... What happened to Sebastian after Abby left? Why did he turn into this cold, mean, arrogant man? Abby Madden: The rich, wealthy self made millionaire. She's one of the top models in the world, beyond gorgeous. She has companies begging, at their knees for her to walk their runway. Everyone knows her name, people love her, want to be her. But do they know what happens right when she steps off that runway? What is hidden away behind her perfect smile? Sebastian Morales: He's the cold mafia leader, he kills anything that comes in his way and he does it without remorse. He has people running from his shadow, people fear even his name. Only shows the bit of emotion to his family. He's surrounded by a scary, cold aura. His blue eyes dull and ice cold. But he wasn't always like this...What happened to Sebastian that he forced himself to change? Quote: "I'll fist your hair around my hand and fuck you from the back so hard you'll beg for me to stop is what I'll do" he grits as his fingers around my neck tighten the slightest and his knee rubs harder against my wet core. Before I could say anything he brings me closer until our lips are an inch apart. "So, look at another man and I'll fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk straight for fucking weeks" he says quietly as his hands pull on the string of my dress letting it fall down before he lets go of me and walks out of the room leaving me in shock.


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He Has Ch...
by omfg_af