Uff...that feeling!
By Always_Manyata
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Bhawna Sinha, Cute, lazy, silly, have crush on her handsome and charming neighbour Aryan Saxena who is ACP officer while she is studying in college. Both developed feelings for each other without talking to each other, without making long eye contacts but through sweet moments. But what will happen when they will start conversations with each other, when they will be close and when they will make eye contact...Uff...That feeling will be amazing. I hope you will love their sweet journey of love and risky adventure as well. Why risky?? For that you have to peek into their story ! This is my 4th book in series. First book 1) to make him smile ! Second book 2) their incomprehensible Love ! Third book 3) Our stealing Love ! COPYRIGHT ALERT- this is my work and My hardwork. If I see anybody Copying my work on another platform then I won't hesitate to report about that person! Sorry if I sound rude but It's my work and effort and I can't let anyone use it simply! I have published my work onky on Wattpad Nowhere else!!!! #13 rank in Crush #1 rank in collegelove #1 mysterious #1 rank in silentlove #rank 2 in WattpadIndia #3 rank in wattpadindia #8 rank in college love #9 rank in romancestories # 19 rank in indian love #3 rank in india #3 rank in ACP #36 rank in lovestory # 269 rank in Indian # 181 rank in indianromance #10 rank in neighbour #8 rank in Butterflies (feeling) #28 rank wattpad #3 rank in Police #10 in RomanceStories #23 in wattpadindia #22 Crush #12 Curvy


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