The Outlaw who beca...
By 1DSRK234
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Izuku Yagi is the adopted son of Toshinori Yagi and the biological son of Inko Yagi (former name Midoriya). Hisashi reportedly died in an accident during a flight to America that claimed many lives. Inko was hurt but happily married Toshinori Yagi aka All Might, after 4 months passed Izuku has a younger sister named Izumi Yagi. After 4 years have passed, Izuku is quirkless while his sister has a quirk similar to her mother. After a few days Izuku's parents neglected him as if he was never born, His sister and The Bakugo twins and The Todoroki twins bullied him The next 10 years Izuku snaped and been attacked by His "Sister and Friends" and leave him on the verge of death and run away from "Home", but he was found by his real Dad What will happen to Izuku if he returns to the people he loves the most ? I don't own BNHA and DC. It's just a fanfiction

Izuku Biography

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The Outla...
by 1DSRK234