Hating My Tutor
By crownedkt
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Meet Skylar Howard she a stubborn softy. She's struggling in school getting bad grades. Her parents tell her she's going to get a tutor if her grades don't get higher. Skylar does not want a tutor, but she's not doing well in school. Skylar imagines a 25-30-year-old guy who thinks he's so smart and all. Little does she know he's the same age. Meet Caleb Scott a smart sweetheart. His parents tell him that he needs to get a job because they don't want him at home playing basketball all day. Caleb doesn't want to work, so his parents offer him a job that not hard work. "Mrs. Howard has a daughter that needs a tutor, so that can be your job or you can work as a waiter?" His mother suggested offers. Caleb agrees right away he does not want to be a waiter. Caleb imagines a 10-year-old girl who needs help because she's struggling in school. Little does he know she's the same age. When they meet how will they react to each other? (It's kinda cliche in the beginning (: but be a sweet cookie and maybe give it a chance?)

Hating My Tutor

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Hating My...
by crownedkt