Hating My Tutor
By crownedkt
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Meet Skylar Howard, she a stubborn softy. She's struggling in school getting grades that are leading her to the path of failing. Her mother suggests for her to get a tutor, but shes doesn't want one. To her disappoint, however, she's given one without a choice. Skylar imagines a twenty-five year old who thinks their a genius, but little does she know they're the same age. Meet Caleb Scott, a smart sweetheart. His mother is good friends with Mrs. Howard and asks her son if he'd be interested in tutoring her daughter. Caleb is up for the job, not minding the extra cash, and is curious on how it'll go. He imagines a ten year old girl who's struggling in her studies and needs a bit of help. But little does he know she's the same age. When they meet how will they react to each other? (Hey, you! Reading my summary (: I hope you enjoy the story if you decide to read! And I hope you decide to read it too ^•^)

Hating My Tutor

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Hating My...
by crownedkt