Among the Wolves [H...
By kirishimeth
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"I know it hurts a lot...but then you meet new people who'll protect you. They'll make you smile and be happy, like how Kondou-San did for me" Okita explained. "Protect". That one word rang through Rin's head. She thought of Kondou-San patting her head and hugging her, her mothers smiling face and her father's memories with her...She listened to the steady drumming of Okita's heart as her head slipped down to his chest, her eyelids feeling heavy. His arms around her felt...protective? safe? Rin couldn't make out the feeling she felt. As her eyelids got heavier, the small girl knew one thing for sure...nothing could harm her at that moment.' Asai Rin, a seemingly normal girl, finds herself thrown into an abyss of events and a war between humans and demons. The last thing she wants is to get involved, but one fateful night, everything changes when she's wrongly accused of a crime she hadn't committed. The next thing she knows, she's neck deep in chaos. Rin's sole purpose is to try and protect the people she loves, but will she be able to when a figure from her past is hell bent on tearing apart everything she would ever live for? What will happen when she confronts dark secrets from the past? And what will happen when she starts to discover who, or rather, what she really is? Okita Souji x OC This is my first fanfic. If you have read anything similar, it is purely coincidental. All characters made up by me belong to me. Any scenes from the anime do not belong to me, neither do any of the music or art work I might put in here and there. Rest of it, all. belongs. to. me. If anyone tries to use my plot or ideas without my permission, I will cut them :) I hope we're clear on the message there. Have fun reading~

Among the Wolves [Hakuouki] CHAPTER 1

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Among the...
by kirishimeth