Toxic love // lesbi...
By born_confused76
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"Why are you mad at me?" I asked nervously, looking down. I didn't know it would make her mad that I had someone over to comfort me, i didn't want to call her so I won't annoy her. "Because Grace.." she said sighing "..I want you all for myself" --- Grace Rodriguez, an 18 year old girl that just moved to college. She doesn't have the best life, she suffers from depression and PTSD from things that happened to her in the past. Her high school years weren't good either.. She kept getting bullied by the same person. Rumors were made about her which made her lose every friend she ever had but she never knew what was the reason of that girl bullying her because Grace was always the quiet girl that kept a smile on her face even if she doesn't feel happy. Grace felt free when she finished her senior year, knowing she doesn't have to deal with her bully, Ellie Miller anymore but the unexpected happened to her when she goes to college.. Not only that she saw the person that bullied her in college..she has to stay in the dorm with her for the rest of the college years.. Intersex/g!p x fem girl This story will include: (warnings⚠️) -detailed sexual content -self harm/depression/PTSD -alcohol, drugs, weed etc. -mention of murder and death -sexual harassment/assault


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Toxic lov...
by born_confused76