The Alpha Secret Ba...
By KaylaBabs
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His Secret Baby Alpha Dylan Rogers has been away from his pack for too long. His father is getting old, he wanted to pass down leadership to him now for two decades, but he was having none of it. So he went away to join the Archangels. The U.N werewolf army that all men have to dedicate at least a year of their life too. However he has been there for twenty years. Fighting rogues, ending disputes putting his life on the line everyday just to run away from his duties. Now it was time for him to come home. Other Alphas think his pack is ripe for the picking. That the warrior Alpha is away. Kate is human. She knows nothing of the werewolf world. Hell she doesn't even know they exist. She met a wild man. More animal than man in a bar. She was at that bar looking for her sister's husband to tell him to come home. What she did not anticipated was to be seduced by this hulk of a man. To have her virginity to be taken in a dark forest. Or for him to disappear in the moonlight leaving nothing but his necklace and a bite around her neck. Two people from two different worlds will come together in surprising circumstances. Can she love a man that turns into a beast? Can he love a woman that is a human. That is his inferior? The werewolf world is changing. The wolf would need to adapt if they need to survive.

Chapter one

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The Alpha...
by KaylaBabs