The Stepsister (Cam...
By hopium
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Your mom passed away when you were eleven years old. It took you and your father a little over a year to come to terms with the reality of not having your mother's bright and overpowering presence shining throughout the house and your daily activities anymore. You were both dealing with the loss in your own way. You, shoplifting and acting out as a silent cry for help and him... Well he buried his feelings into a new woman every other night. Until one day he brought home a woman with blonde hair and bright eyes, announcing that she was going to be your new stepmom. On his own he had decided that it's time you both move on with your life because your mom would want him to be happy and find love again. And that you would get the love and care you needed from a motherly figure. The two dated for a few years before finally announcing the news of their engagement. You were not as excited as him to say the least. Even more so as the woman introduced you to her two daughters. The eldest coincidentally being someone who tormented the living hell out of you at school. What happens when you're forced to live with your mortal enemy and fake a smile with her every now and then for the sake of world peace? Will the fake smiles eventually morph into something more real? More loving and secretive perhaps? Read to find out in this Camila Cabello fan fiction: The Stepsister. GirlxGirl Camila Cabello Fan Fiction Copyright ©2015 All Rights Reserved ™ Rated ®️


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The Steps...
by hopium