There's No Good
By Gabrielle0841
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••• In a world of heroes there will always be a villain. Because wherever there's a hero around, there will be a villain lurking in the shadows. Because that's common sense right? For every hero, there's a villain. Hero's wouldn't be needed if there weren't bad guys for them to stop. So every story has a villain. This story is about a villain. But what if the villain is actually not so evil at all. What if she's just a girl, being punished not because of what she did. But for what her father has. Is that fair? You don't get to pick your parents. But you do get to pick and decide how you, yourself will act. This is a story about a girl. Maybe evil, maybe good. But under all the labels thrown at her, she's just a girl. Forced into a life she didn't want. Forced to go to school with people who look down on her. Forced by her father to follow a plan. A plan to make the world's most loved boy, the prince, to fall in love with her. All so that her father can get what he wants. But her father didn't think of one slight flaw. The fact that his daughter, is just a girl. And even if he's a prince, he's just a boy. And could it be more obvious? Naturally, one is bound to fall in love. It's all fun and games until the wrong person falls in love. Love fucks everything up. •••


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by Gabrielle0841