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The first poem (‘Part 1’) was inspired by the idea of Marc undertaking the creative process of crafting one of his early psychedelic-folk compositions with ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ – the style of which was about to experience a radical change in movement. The text represents a whimsical free-flowing style in lighter contrast to the style of the ‘heavier’ electric compositions of ‘T.Rex’.  The follow-up (‘Part 2’) - this poem depicts the beginning of ‘T.Rextasy’ and the switch to electric for Marc and the band’s attack on the commercial pop market. The poetry here was crafted as a deliberate rhyme more so than the first poem in order to reflect the more commercial appeal of T.Rex’s major transitional period. The text is formatted in bold to represent the prominent outcome of this switch in style. The poetry entitled “COSMIC” conveys Marc’s rise to fame and fortune through to his time in the US and the subsequent life of fatherhood, his final TV show and then his passing. The poem was written in conjunction with the idea of a companion blog article.

'Part 1'...

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