Shining Crystals...
By CrystalwingOC
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Hello everyone! I see that you have somehow stumbled upon this black hole of chaos that we artists like to call, 'our art book'. Anyway, I had some art here and there from months back and owed art piling around, so I thought, 'I'll make an art book for it!' I've already made one for Warriors OC art and another for requests, but this one is art in general. Hope you like it. Please tell me what I'm good at and what I could improve. I can take criticism, no problem. If you could, please tag some people who you think won't mind to give me some. The art does get better further in. Some of the art at the beginning is so bad and cringy, but, tbh, so is some of it later on. From about 'Galaxy' and onward, is when I started to settle into a stable art style and it gets a bit better. The first parts are quite bad- Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and enjoy! Cya! ~~~~~ P.S. When I was younger and I was starting this book, I took a LOT of inspiration from various artists. I would commonly use lineart or shading references, but I would NEVER trace or steal, because I know what it feels like. So if you see some similar art on DevianArt or Pinterest, that's probably why. Thank you ^^ ~~~~~ Best Ratings: #1 in artbook out of 33.8K stories #1 in doodles out of 5.18K stories #7 in drawings out of 29.5K stories #4 in sketches out of 14.5K stories I... I cannot literally believe my eyes here... oh gosh... Welp, I'm going to put a huge thank you here, so there is a pernament sign of my extreme gratitude on this book ♥️ THANK YOU VERY MUCH


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Shining C...
by CrystalwingOC