The Unchosen One
By Murally
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Did you know that Harry Potter has a twin sister? That was what everyone was buzzing about the first week of school in Harry's first year. No one remembered her name, why should they, when they went to the same school as Harry Potter? Demetria (Tria) Potter has felt overshadowed by her brother ever since they entered the magical world when they were eleven years old. Everyone is always talking about her brother. No one gives her a second glance. Sure she has her friends, but it's hard not to take it personally. Tria and Harry are now in their fifth year of magical education, and finally, Tria is getting some attention. Her brother is now known as a nutcase. A silly little boy who likes making up stories about the Dark Lord coming back. Now she has to make a decision. Does she stand by her brother, making her a nutcase as well or will she finally get her chance in the spotlight by calling her brother out as a liar?

Chapter 1

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The Uncho...
by Murally