The Truth Behind Th...
By lSoniaBladel
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[Hiatus] *Disclaimer: I do not own the photo(s) used in the cover! But I did make the cover.* After having moved to Sunagakure, the days went by peacefully. Gaara became the Kazekage, Iku continued his studies, Sonia continued to train and eventually formed a bond with her inner demon... She wished this peace would last forever. But what if it wasn't her father that wanted to hurt her? What if there was someone else pulling the strings? She soon discovers that things aren't always as they seem, and that there is truth behind the many lies. © The Truth Behind The Lies | lSoniaBladel © Naruto | Masashi Kishimoto ACHIEVEMENTS - @NarutoWattys2015: 3rd Place Winner of the 'Gaara No Sabaku' Category - @TheNarutoWattys-: 3rd Place Winner of the 'Gaara No Sabaku' Category

Chapter 1: Peaceful Days

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The Truth...
by lSoniaBladel