An unexpected resol...
By Elliana-SassyDancer
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Zandira Rae Callaway was born with a plan. Everything always near perfectly aligning for her, meant to live the most pain free, calm future her parents could plan in comparison to the devastating war they endured. It was even working, until it didn't. So just like a dominos, once one falls, so do they all. Dean Thomas has survived the war, but how much of him is left in the ruins. Loosing his longterm lover and best friend Seamus Finnigan was something he never expected this to war would take, it had already taken so much. Now in his road to recovery he meets someone he never expected, but sometimes the best outcomes are the ones unplanned. Annabelle Callaway had it all under control, or she liked to think so. After the unexpected demise of her husband, she fights for the expected. Until after the influence of someone she never anticipated she takes a step back to perhaps change sides in this battle.

Face claim

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An unexpe...
by Elliana-SassyDancer