Through Her Eyes
By Pr1se2
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • happiness
  • mystery
  • romance
  • supernatural
  • unexpected


'Hmm...How many times have I walked this road now' I said to myself as I had suddenly realized my current state. I had a burning sensation in my chest, one I am sure I've never felt before. My feet began to wobble with every step I took, making it harder to reach my desired abode. I decided to rest on the nearest bench insight as my body could no longer carry my heart's overwhelming intentions. 'What is this' I cried as I could no longer keep tracking my inner-building pains. 'It hurts,' I wailed as I had begun to feel a new type of discomfort that I have never felt in my life. In a second, I had burst out crying for help and eventually collapsing on the floor. Mary Liang always loved to immerse herself in the joyful and sweet nature of her home town, Chevron Plains. She had all she wanted and she was definitely satisfied with it. Living her normal life would have never proven to be a task until a new scenery begins to take place in her life. What does it all mean and who could be behind it all. Let's see if we can find out...


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Through H...
by Pr1se2