My Sister Took My F...
By Verii-Chan
  • Fantasy
  • cute
  • isekai
  • lovable
  • prince
  • reincarnation
  • romance
  • royal
  • texttospeech


~My Sister Took My Fiance And I Was Married To An Ugly Prince~ [ Support the author: ] *** "I was neglected by my father. Not only did he not help me when my sister took my fiancé, but he also ordered me to marry a man with the worst reputation, known as 'Lord Ugly.' Oh, --how fun!" Lucrezia, who had been mistreated too much since she was a child, thought that this was a test of love, and with misplaced positive thinking, she set off for the ugly lord as she was told. However, the man who greeted her was not at all like the man she had heard so much about, and his appearance was strange. --Oh? Isn't there anything wrong with this man? I thought there would be a fun ordeal waiting for me, but there was no sign of it at all, and the 'Ugly Lord' had regained his true form and was happy. On the other hand, the family and the ex-fiancée who lost Lucrezia realized how important she was after she was gone, but it was already too late and the whole kingdom was heading for ruin. *** Author Kumada Otoya Translated by Natsukashii (Prev. Verii-Chan)

1 - Betrayal Of My Sister And Fiance

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My Sister...
by Verii-Chan