Daisy (Part I &...
By Sydney916569
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UNDER REVISION I apologize for the terrible grammatical errors, I am currently in the process of editing each chapter. Fourteen years ago the King family was blessed with their first girl after five sons. However it seems only the boys care for their little sister. The King siblings parents have always been absent leaving thirteen year old James to look after his baby sister. But when little Daisy is only one years old she disappeared and soon after so did their mother Margaret. Now thirteen years later Daisy sits in Margaret's basement just barely holding on to life, so when her mother and her stepfather get arrested Daisy is saved. That very day James gets a call saying his baby is in the hospital and needs a new guardian. Immediately accepting the offer he heads to the hospital to see his sister. Now that Daisy is found the five King brothers will do anything to protect their little sister. This story is about bonds, happiness, and freedom. TW - Abuse, SA, Swearing, Blood There will be minor grammatical errors. I will fix them all once the book is completed!

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Daisy (Pa...
by Sydney916569