Bound (Dark Reflect...
By DeanMurray
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The only thing worse than no family at all is a family that is out to hurt you. That would all be bad enough for a normal seventeen-year-old, but it's even worse for Alec Graves. A shape shifter's pack, his family, is the only thing stopping the other preternatural creatures out there from killing him. Alec's pack isn't just neglectful, he's pretty sure that his father wants him dead. Alec is about to be sent to the front lines of a war between his people and everything else that goes bump in the night. His only chance of survival is to convince everyone around him that he's the perfect soldier, but there are lines that Alec won't cross, not for any price. **Author's Note: For those of who who've read Broken, it's important to understand that Bound represents an alternate timeline where Alec's dad doesn't die while Alec is still a child and Adri stays in Minnesota rather than moving to Sanctuary. Bound is a YA Urban Fantasy novel, and is one possible entry point into the books that make up the Reflections Universe. The Reflections Universe is a series of YA Paranormal books featuring vampires, shape shifters, werewolves and more, which have been written so they can be safely enjoyed by both young adults and older readers alike. Bound is followed by Hunted. The Reflections Universe: Some stories are too full of teen urban fantasy goodness to fit into just one series!

Chapter 1

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Bound (Da...
by DeanMurray