Cursed Times - What...
By lhansenauthor
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Get out your popcorn, tourists beware, here comes a paranormal adventure with a historical twist, set in Egypt--and Britain. From Chapter 29 'Darkness': 'Did I just try to dive into that goo to get at a dead guy?' Trueth asked. Define dead,' Metjen said with a half-smile. He muttered something and touched Trueth on the forehead. The rest of her giddiness faded away--only to return as Metjen crushed her in one of his bearhugs. 'For a moment I thought we would lose you. Don't do that again.' Trueth's cheeks burned. That could only be the caffeine. The stuff had never agreed with her. 'It wasn't my idea, there was a voice in my head!' *** Trueth hates being the last paranormal creature left on Earth. She needn't worry: On a trip to Egypt she runs into Metjen Al-Nour, magical member in the last temple of the sun god Ra. With sparks flying between them--not only those of the magical variety--they solve a 5000-year-old riddle where clues are literally buried in tombs, historical sites--as well as in the family safe. But their journey is far from over - where other stories end, this one really takes off... . The second novel in the trilogy, 'Cursed Times - Only Yesterday!', is completed, and 'In My Attic' - a spin-off to the world of Cursed Times is available with weekly updates. === Copyright information, given the recent acts of content piracy: All copyrights of the texts are mine exclusively. Any attempt at spreading any of the content of my works in any form will be prosecuted. If you are reading this in any form outside Wattpad-be it in print, as an e-book or as an excerpt of text, the content has been stolen and you are in breach of international copyright laws.

Chapter 1 - Descent Into Darkness

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Cursed Ti...
by lhansenauthor