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This book will take you on an emotional roller coaster. It will frustrate you beyond comprehension, crush you and bring out the worst in you. It will tear you apart before it puts you back together again, and spark something a little dark and sinful in the process. You have been warned. Payton has been friends with the Hensley cousins Colton and Jace since she was nine years old and has been in love with Colton for almost just as long. Colton and Jace are absurdly attractive and at times Payton can't believe how fortunate she is considering the fact that she believes herself to be nothing but a 'plain Jane' with her thrift store clothing and large eyeglasses. Payton views Jace as more of a brother than she ever has Colton. Colton has always been the intriguing one and the reckless one while Jace is caring and lighthearted and has been there for her in ways that Colton has failed to do so. When the three of them take off to college, everything changes. Colton begins drinking excessively and sleeping with countless amounts of women while Jace dates his girlfriend Riley whom he met when they were all juniors in high school. Payton is completely certain of her feelings for Colton and she feels that she will never love another man while she patiently waits for Colton to realize just how much she cares about him, even after he begins taking advantage of her. However, a drunken night between Jace and Payton changes everything, confounding her and awakening feelings for Jace that she never even knew that she had and in the end, it leaves her torn between the two. Book cover photo credit: Serge Leblon - No copyright infringement intended


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by ariarlyn918