Can Pretty Boys Eve...
By The1975babe
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Prank wars. 'A dare is a dare'. 'Boo!', says Kieran and smacks the shaving foam on my face. With the force, I stagger back and hit my head on the ground. ☆ Kieran is the type of guy who doesn't get really angry and punch things. He is the type who punches with words. It's so hard living your life when everyone blames you for someone's death. No one will ever know how I feel. On the outside, I'm okay. In the inside, thats a whole new thing. Shame, guilt and anxiety flood my everyday world. Pepper is a weak girl who's blamed for a death. But then all thanks to one camp with a bunch of pretty boys, she is transformed into a YouTuber, prankster and a pranked mostly who has hot guy friends, life seems to be going great until a few things. Forget about the past and focus on the present. Prank wars. *i wrote this when I was like 13 and have edited all parts.

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Can Prett...
by The1975babe