I Guess You Make Me...
By jensen_got_da_boooty
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[Destiel] "I guess you make me forget about it all, Cass." "That was the plan." * Master Sergeant Dean Winchester had just gotten back from Iraq when the Marine Corps was called to let the Army take over the war after thousands of their comrades were either killed or captured. Life after such an experience, Dean wasn't the same as far as his mind goes. He's still having nightmares about seeing his best friend die on the battlefield; although one man can change all of it. * Castiel Novak is mainly just a simple guy. He's hardworking and lonely for the most part. It may have been by chance that Dean and Castiel met but their friendship unfolds to more than just guy hugs and eye-sex. Castiel has a secret that he's willing to do anything to keep Dean away from. Curiosity will ruin all of it. Will Dean agree to stay with his lover after having found out? Is he willing to give up his happiness and go back to the nightmares of Iraq? {boy x boy - graphic sex scenes - strong language}

Chapter 1: Iraq

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I Guess Y...
by jensen_got_da_boooty