To Be Back Again
By lesxzly
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EUNOIA DE RÉVEUSE SERIES #1 Anaiah, a woman that was born with a powerful passion and great companion in life. Her life sucks when her dad chooses to become a stranger to them and find new happiness. But even so, she's still appreciative of having these three kind, helpful, and engaged closest friends by her side through all of her life's ups and downs. And when the time comes, she decides to explore things more and to be the woman she always wanted to be... Her life was ruined the moment she made that decision. A decision that she knew would be the end of everything once she pursued it... Little did she know, after everything she experienced, after experiencing pain and sadness... Being alone and away from her loved once for years, there's a man who's waiting for her comeback. To be the Anaiah whom he once loved. --- Note: Credits to the owner of the photo I used in my book cover. Date Started: December 30, 2021 Date of revision: January 22, 2023 Date Ended: ? © 2021

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To Be Bac...
by lesxzly