Sinful Universe: Ha...
By KristinAragon
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Keegan Johanson lives life on a constant high. As a charge nurse in the ICU of her city's trauma hospital, she spends her days saving lives, riding an adrenaline rush unlike anything else she's ever known. At night, she kicks off her germ filled work shoes and slips into the most fashionable heels she can find and hits the town with her friends. Done with dating, Keegan settles for a good time trying to forget who it is she loves. Until... Jakxon Steele has always known what he wanted. To work his way to stardom via a guitar and the voice of an angel. And... his best friend. Can he be what she needs, especially when things get crazy? Rock and roll at the top of the charts and stability never went hand in hand.

-Preparing to Rock the Night Away - Final Edit

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Sinful Un...
by KristinAragon