The Dad is Who? - A...
By irwinxx5sos
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Makenna Johnson is dating Luke Hemmings, and his friend, Calum Hood, has a crush on her. Makenna, Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum are all at a party and Makenna gets drunk. She, being drunk, has sex with Calum. Makenna gets pregnant, and Luke thinks he's the father, but Makenna knows different. How is she going to tell Luke that it's not his? How will that affect their relationship? How will she tell Calum that he's the dad? How will Calum react? Read "The Dad is Who? -A Calum Hood Fanfiction" to find out! Warning: Some Smut involved with this story. I will announce when it is going to be, so if you do not want to read it, that is fine.

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The Dad i...
by irwinxx5sos