It Goes On (Sample)
By AYClaudy
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Kate's just moved for the thirteenth time, and she's only twenty. She just met a father she knew nothing about. And her mother's a liar. That about sums up why she got mind numbing forget-your-name drunk, but her reckless attempt to forget reality has backfired. Now, her one-night stand refuses to be contained to one night, and his connection to her new family has made him impossible to avoid. His cocky swagger is hard to resist, but Kate tries to do just that. Especially since getting involved with him would pull her into a love triangle with very little love. Kate isn't looking for love; she needs friends. Not that she's going to make any. She doesn't trust anyone in her new, fast world of wealth, privilege, and lies. And she should be wary. She's only skimmed the surface of the secrets surrounding her. (First three chapters are posted. The entire story can be read FREE for kindle unlimited subscribers or 0.99 on Amazon. (If you don't have a kindle, don't worry. The kindle app is free and lets you read on any device.)

Chapter 1

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It Goes O...
by AYClaudy